How to Make a Good Ecommerce Site

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are going to the internet to start their online shops selling almost anything you can imagine from clothes, shoes, to food stuff, art works, and gadgets. If you are also interested to get a slice of this ecommerce cake, then you have to start with designing your own ecommerce site. You can look at the Shopify platform that is a very popular ecommerce website for many online sellers and start from there or you can also contact Shopify Designers in Dubai who can help you get started with the many great features of Shopify when it comes to designing your very first online store.

As a general tip, here are some of the most important things to consider when designing or building your own website for your online store.

First, be simple. Customers surfing online have become more and more impatient with searching online. The faster the internet speed has become, the more impatient the online customers have become as well. If your webpage or ecommerce Dubai site is not loading properly because of all the heavy graphics, text design, and other animated elements, then your customer might not have the patience to continue browsing and you may lose that potential sale just because your ecommerce site is not loading properly.


Second, have your navigation buttons out and clear. The worst thing in doing an online search is arriving at a page where you think you have found what you are looking for but then realize that the moment you arrive on the page, you are lost and don’t know where to go because you cannot find the right navigation buttons. This sounds very frustrating and you as the business owner should be aware of how your customers go around your site and have an idea of what are the usual things they are searching for. Once you know what customers are searching, you should then make sure that you put those buttons that lead to what they are looking for in an instant or with a 1 to 2 clicks.

Third, Shopify Designers in Dubai will recommend that you also have the shopping cart always present on the current page. Or you can also have an option where it is leading the customer to add the item on the cart. That’s because if you always have the cart on every page, then your customer will be always thinking about buying stuff and putting it in his or her cart and checking out. The longer the customer stays online seeing the shopping cart, the more you increase the chances that that customer might buy something or several things and just keep putting them on the cart. On the opposite end, you also need to put the shopping cart on your ecommerce Dubai site so that it also becomes easy for the customers to remove products that they may no longer want to buy, or change the quantity of something that they originally bought for a certain number of quantities.

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